One Thousand Apples

My husband and I have three apple trees in our yard, here in Edelsfeld, Germany. It is now mid-November and two of the trees are well past producing their harvest. However, one of them refuses to quit. I believe it is the original version of “The Giving Tree.” It just keeps giving and giving and giving….

This afternoon I was gathering apples in my buckets once more…hundreds of them…or was it a thousand? It is this way every day. The neighbors now run from me when they see me coming, wanting to bless them with more apples. Truth is, these are the best tasting apples I’ve ever eaten in my life. They are red, sweet, crispy and juicy – unlike the tasteless, mushy ones sold at the grocery stores. We have truly been blessed with a bountiful harvest – a bumper crop. I stop and look up at the tree and notice the branches are still loaded, and I’m reminded of a Scripture verse found in the Song of Solomon 2:5 – Comfort me with apples, for I am sick of love. I’m afraid my version would read – Comfort me with love, for I am sick of apples.

All jesting aside, every time I gather up these apples, I am reminded of the abundant blessings that have been poured out on my life. I know there are many people in the world who are starving for even a morsel of food, and would love to sink their teeth into one of these beauties. I think of the story of the young North Korean girl who scrounged for her food and managed to stay alive by eating field mice. My mother became a widow when my brother and I were quite young, and I remember some hard times, but I can honestly say I don’t ever remember going to bed hungry, or not having a warm bed in which to sleep.

I climb up to our balcony to get a birds-eye-view of our tree and see how many more apples might be coming. There are so many still clinging, I can’t even count them, and I’m reminded  of God’s faithfulness…His blessings are too numerous to count…just like my thousand apples. Oh, I haven’t counted them – just an estimate! Some time ago, I decided to keep a gratitude journal and write one thousand things for which I was grateful. I’m now at number 912. I know once I reach one thousand, I will start over on the next thousand.

I look past our tree to the hills that surround our valley and I think back to a time when this village was not quite so peaceful, and people went to bed in blackouts and shivered in fear as the bombs dropped. A memorial plaque stands in front of one of the town churches, honoring lost sons of the war. And that is another one of my thousand blessings: not once have I ever gone to sleep at night in fear for my life. I’ve known nothing but peace in my life. How many people in the world can say that?

Is that why the original owners planted three apple trees, a black-bing cherry tree, a walnut tree and blackberry bushes? Was it this harvest that sustained them during the war years? I am left to wonder. And on and on it goes….counting my blessings. Then I think about another tree…

You see, the original “Giving Tree” was actually planted on a hill called Calvary, and every good and perfect gift flows from that tree. That tree shows us the WAY…the way through the wilderness we sometimes find ourselves in; the way through the darkness into the light; the way home when we are lost. The fruit of that tree is TRUTH that binds itself around our hearts and our minds and protects us from the chaos, evil and deceit that surrounds us in this present world. That tree gives, nourishes and sustains our very LIFE – a life that is eternal. I hope you have this tree planted in your garden – I do and I gather its fruit every day, and I’m always amazed at the abundance of sweetness and goodness. My buckets are overflowing! This tree just keeps giving and giving and giving…it never stops!

So, these are some of my reflections about Thanksgiving and just a few things I am truly grateful for, but it all started with one thousand apples!

Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God, will bless us. Psalm 67:6

6 thoughts on “One Thousand Apples

  1. Once again you’ve written an outstanding tribute to your apple abundance and your life in Germany. Then you’ve managed to correlate it with our saviors gift of life eternal. You are amazing my dear friend and I’m missing you very much today after reading this . I’m picturing us outside gathering apples in your yard and making apple pies with your wonderful pie crust recipe. Then we invite Emma over and get out your lovely new Polish pottery and have a lovely Polish Teavotional together! Can YOU picture that! Again MISSING you MUCH today!!!

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  2. I do enjoy your blogs, they are wonderful, interesting and you are blessed beyond measure with God given talent.
    There are food pantries that would love your over abundance of apples. They do look delicious, but just the opposite of you Margie I like the soft apple. So, I will let you and Steve eat the red, sweet, crispy and juicy apples for me. Because of my jaw issues I will eat the soft, not so tasteless apples. Miss you all. Take care, be safe and keep blogging. I will send this to Lily as we are not having church services again until December. She loves your blogs.


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